Marriage is a Calling

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

One of my best friends and bridesmaids looked at me while getting ready for what would be the greatest day of my life and asked, “are you scared?” I don’t think I gave her the answer she was looking for when I promptly responded, “of course not! This is what I was called to do!” I couldn’t help but contain my excitement to hear those words spoken out loud. I was about to literally walk into my God-given purpose and become a wife!

Let’s back up for a moment and define the word, “calling.” If you’re a not a Christian or are new to the faith, you’ll learn that we have our own common phrases for just about everything, and in most cases, they make no sense. “Calling” in this case is referring to my God-given value or purpose. This is what I have been gifted or equipped to do to further His message throughout my daily life. Some are called to be missionaries. Some are called to be lawyers. I am called to be a wife.

Coming to this realization not only gave me such peace for my future but opened my eyes to the gifts and talents the Lord has equipped me with in order to fulfill this role. Just the other day, my mother looked at me and said “You’ve really tapped into your servant’s heart” (which might be the greatest compliment I’ve ever received). You see, it’s not that I didn’t have these desires or abilities within me, it’s that I’ve recognized my purpose and now know how to use them for such.

While one of my spiritual gifts* is serving, this does not at all mean that you must have this inclination in order to be a wife. I do, however, believe that all people, women and men alike, ought to enter into marriage with the understanding that they GET to be a spouse. I personally, am called to be a wife. Meaning, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I serve the Lord most when I’m serving Brandon.

Others, however, may serve the Lord most in the medical field or as an accountant. I do not know what each of your individual callings are, but I do know that whether or not called to be a spouse, those of you married or engaged, have the privilege of being one.

I see my marriage as a gift from the Lord and a gift for the Lord. My marriage and the way I allow my husband to lead me is a reflection of Christ and His church, just as our love reflects the love Christ has for us. We aim for our marriage to be a positive example and an ultimate reflection of God’s grace and mercy, and I challenge you all whether called into this particular role or just enjoying the benefits of such, to pursue it daily with the same vigor and excitement that you would pursue your relationship with the Lord.

*Spiritual Gifts: "God-given (and therefore 'natural') abilities used to further one's calling and purpose in life."

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